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Dic 5, 2023

Economía y finanzas

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Will Costa

Will Costa

CEO at metalive3D and digital manager


I have been developing solutions for the metaverse for over 10 years, I started studying analysis and system development at the University of Estacio de Sá in Brazil (Rio de Janeiro). I soon became interested in the metaverse, but it wasn't a popular subject, so I spent a lot of time trying to understand how I could bring elements from the real world to digital, but I didn't have many tools to execute the projects I carry out today. Soon after the launch of the 360 cameras, I started to digitize real environments such as dealerships and provide virtual tours for several dealerships such as Mercedes Benz, Volvo, among others, and I realized that I was creating a useful tool where the customer could visit the dealership without having to be there. This saves the customer time and money.So after that I realized that this format could be applied in different areas, in different ways. After that, I entered several other segments with different applications that helped customers interact with brands in an immersive and interactive way. Today I am CEO and digital manager at metalive3D, a company I founded more than 10 years ago. The metaverse is not something new it was actually a subject unknown to people


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